Merit Interactive Headquarters by LYCS Architecture

LYCS Architecture designed Merit Interactive Headquarters in Hangzhou, integrating architecture, exhibition design, and a marine-inspired theme for a dynamic and creative workspace of approximately 87,000 square meters.

Merit Interactive Headquarters, designed by LYCS Architecture, integrates architecture, interior, and exhibition design. The project is located in the eastern part of the West Hangzhou Science and Innovation Corridor and has a total floor area of approximately 87,000 square meters. It includes facilities for research and development, office work, meetings, exhibitions, and leisure activities and can accommodate up to 5,000 people working and living simultaneously.

Merit Interactive is a professional data intelligence service provider that is the first to list on the A-share market in China. It provides a wealth of data intelligence products, services, and solutions for customers in various industries, such as Internet operation, user growth, brand marketing, digital intelligence traffic, and government entities.

Merit Interactive team is one of China’s most active serial entrepreneurship groups. Since 2005, they have evolved rapidly from producing feature phone chargers, “BeiBei,” to becoming the leading professional third-party push service provider, “Getui,” and extending into the field of information security. Designing an office space for such a flexible and open Internet technology company means that traditional, unchanging interior spaces are inevitably inadequate. With “Ocean” and “Flexibility” as the key themes, the design team embarked on a co-creative journey with Merit Interactive to explore the optimal working environment.

Based on the client’s business type and the “whale” logo. The design team proposed the architectural concept of “The Giant Whale Leaped Out of Ocean.” The architectural form is envisioned as a whale leaping out of the water, symbolizing Merit Interactive’s aspirations to navigate the era of big data. The interior design continues to embrace the themes of “Ocean” and “Organism.” The overall design presents a “Simple and Pleasant” technological style, integrating various marine elements for a free, open, and energetic environment. The aim is to create user-centric work and living spaces that foster an atmosphere of freedom and energy.

The journey that articulates Merit Interactive’s brand traits begins right from the entrance, where iconic elements such as whales, angular lines, and the color blue permeate the entire space. These elements enhance the vitality and dynamic atmosphere and underscore the brand’s leadership and excellence. Whales, rendered in geometric facets, navigate the space in a literal or abstract manner, adding depth and intrigue to the interior design.

The triple-height space of the third floor draws the eye upward to meet the gaze of a blue whale suspended in midair, creating an impactful first impression in the entrance lobby. Warm interior materials paired with technologically inspired metal sculptures make a striking statement. Below, an underwater whale’s gigantic, shadowy silhouette is cast upon the floor, with its gracefully uplifted tail ingeniously serving as the reception island.

A three-story gradient of blue gently recedes across the floor, delineating dedicated areas for relaxation, discussion, and brainstorming within collaborative spaces. Snack areas, meeting rooms, and co-creation rooms are crafted like small islands scattered throughout the open office space. This distinctive blue hue projects oceanic culture into every office corner, enhancing the thematic continuity of the marine-inspired environment.

Merit Interactive (Getui) was founded by a university student entrepreneurial team and has grown from a small group to nearly a thousand members. The culture of open and spontaneous discussion has been carried forward. The owner desires the entire office space to feature numerous areas that facilitate discussions, ensuring that this culture of collaboration continues to thrive.

The design team proposed an unconventional layout for the workspace, positioning it away from the windows. Instead, they created a window-lined circular space designated as a discussion and walking area. Furthermore, an oversized discussion whiteboard was installed with the inner facade of the curtain wall aluminum panels to form a circular co-creation zone. This design allows employees to spontaneously generate and exchange ideas under natural sunlight, fostering a dynamic and inspiring work environment.

The design team crafted over ten different “Little Monster” installations, each varying in scale and form, scattered throughout the office space like origami cranes. These artistic elements are intended to unleash the company’s creativity, adding a playful and inspiring touch to the workplace environment.

Merit Interactive Headquarters is a testament to the successful collaboration between LYCS Architecture and Merit Interactive and a perfect fusion of creativity and practical application. Within this vibrant and energetic office space, the warm and liberating “ocean culture” continuously inspires boundless creativity and passion among the employees. This environment is designed to galvanize the development of Merit Interactive, collectively creating a lively and dynamic creative community.

Design: LYCS Architecture
Design Team: RUAN Ha, HE Yulou, Lu Yuntao, Pan Yu, Wang Yiru, Xin Xin, Zhang Ling, Zhang Mengyu, Zhang Yang, Yu Jiaqi, Dou Xiaojie
Photography: Inter_mountain images