Atha Yoga Studio

Atha is a compact but practical yoga studio situated in Bangkok, Thonglor district. It comprises of area for yoga activities and a plant-based café, within just 250 square meters. The main design intent is to create a space that perfectly expresses the sophistication of yoga movement. The continuous curvatures connect each room together, as well as radiates inviting and welcoming atmosphere, encouraging the guests to feel truly relaxed when visiting the studio. Atha yoga studio is a unique place where visitors can seek balance and calmness in Bangkok. Its well-thought design enhances the experience of yoga and wellness activities to the next level. Visitors can feel themselves truly elevated both physically and mentally.

Credit list
Designer : Surapak Intrakul, Atitaya Taratai
Photographer : Rungkit Charoenwat
LOGO Design : Promphan Suksumek
M&E Engineer : TANN Engineer
Client : Nutcha Moothanakitpinyo
Location:  Bangkok ,Thailand
Area: 250 sq.m
Project Year: 2021

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