TWINO office in Riga by Open AD

Fintech company TWINO allows its staff to work from anywhere, but maintains that an office is vital for a social work culture. Open AD designed an activity-based workplace, which embodies the company culture and brand values. Bespoke furnishing brings the logo to life without the need for separate signage and branding solutions. Seen from the street, a neon light feature announces the company name to passers-by.

Employees have access to hot desks, lockers, meeting spaces, a kitchen and lounge. The office is easily transformed to host gatherings and foosball tournaments. Custom-designed elements like the stylised tool rack support a culture of creativity and innovation, in which employees can comfortably ideate.

Design team: Zane Tetere-Sulce, Zane Araja

Photographer: Klavs Loris

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