The Modern Park

Intentionally mixing colors and textures to define functional spaces and create various viewing points – as one wanders in a park. MHPD inserted a small space into the site that forms the circulation, framing the space with mirrored and steel ceilings and flooring. The design team custom-designed many of the objects from the tube-shape display shelves, the adjustable ceiling-hung structures in balloon shape and the fish kite window installation that flows freely. This interior installation seeks to capture the imagination with its twirling blue tassels. Spinning in the light breeze like trees rustling it feels reminiscent of walking in a park on a sunny afternoon. The mushrooms add more fun and drama to the space.

Design Team: MHPD

Design Director: Paul Hsu


Main wall materials: cement, dyed wood with grains

Floor: Epoxy flooring/resin, tiles and carpets

Lighting concept: MHPD

Contractor: LUSTRE GEMS Building Decoration Engineering Shanghai Co.,Ltd

Photographer: Chen Hao

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