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2023 BEDA Gold Medalist

Weaving Nature: Eco-friendly Material Art Creation
(James Harrison/Edward Taylor – United Kingdom Scotland)

Eco-friendly Wind Power Generation Design
(George Smith/William Turner/Charles Brown – United Kingdom Ireland)

Green Corridor: Park Landscape Planning and Design
(Robert Miller – Australia)

Eco-Rhythm: Poster Design for Music Activities
(Henry Davis/Elizabeth Wood – New Zealand)

Source of Water: Urban Rainwater Harvesting System Design
(Victoria Jackson/Arthur Thomas – United Kingdom England)

(张伟、王晓芳、李磊、刘雅丽 – China)

Zero Waste Lifestyle Promotion Design
(Samuel Wilson – United Kingdom England)

Eco Window
(Alice White – United Kingdom England )

Green Footprint: Eco-friendly Travelling Product Design
(Emily Clark/Amelia Hall/Isabella Walker – United Kingdom Scotland)

Under the Stars: Architectural Design of an Astronomical Observatory
(Olivia Wright – Australia)