Happy Cup – Instant 3 in 1 by Blues.lab

Discover the genealogy and stories of coffee with Happy Cup Coffee. Every morning, they gather together or sit contemplatively looking at the street, watching the old newspaper, a cup of coffee counting the time, strangely peaceful and serene. that is the coffee culture toad in VietNam.

Many more stories about coffee and the contemplative & sublime resonance of this historic special with humanity over the decades are revealed by Happy Cup’s coffee roasters.

Client: Happy Cup Branding
Agency: ADP Brand
Creative Director: Le Thanh Tu
Junior Art Director, Motions: Tuan Anh Blues
Illustration: Huu Thang
Poster Banner Social Design, 3D Model: Tin Bui
Project Manager: Hong Nhi
Content Creator: Anh Tuyet

Designed by Blues.lab