Mel Honey by Constantin Bolimond

Wildflower honey belongs to the floral honeys. It is produced from the nectar of flowers and collected from various wildflowers such as cornflower, clover, linden and many other flowers from different parts of Orsha is a natural source of antioxidants, which help to protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

Herbs & Kettles by 9133 Design Studio

Herbs and Kettles is an Atlanta based direct trade, single origin, premium tea company founded by Abe and Poorvi who are tea sommeliers. They travel to different regions of India, to directly source the best single origin, single batch teas from small sustainable farms.

Korean Tea Cookie Festival by tsoystar

The Korean Tea Cookie Festival is a fragrant holiday that will lift the veil of mystery of the oldest dessert in South Korea. Round cookies Dasik belong to traditional Korean confectionery products and have been baked since the 10th century using wheat, sesame, soy and chestnut.

Noor – Le Nabat by Taboo Branding

Uzbekistan is a country with a great history and peculiar cuisine. Plov, kurut, navat and other unusual representatives of national cuisine have always attracted tourists. But among them, navat has always remained without a package that could attract more attention.

Happy Cup – Instant 3 in 1 by Blues.lab

Discover the genealogy and stories of coffee with Happy Cup Coffee. Every morning, they gather together or sit contemplatively looking at the street, watching the old newspaper, a cup of coffee counting the time, strangely peaceful and serene. that is the coffee culture toad in VietNam.

El Abd Patisserie by Salwa Edris

El-Abd Patisserie is one of the renowned confectionery shops in Egypt, specializing in both Eastern and Western sweets. Every year, they celebrate the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday by crafting special sweets for this event. We have introduced a distinct packaging for this occasion, incorporating the cubism art style in the design.