Meta Flagship Store by Studio Animal

Meta is a system that works with repetition, assembly, and color. The goal is to achieve not only a memorable brand experience, but also the construction of a landscape that crosses from one store to another, in different locations, and generates a recognizable brand image using mechanisms of repetition and difference: same system, different color ranges. From the extrusion of the Munich logo – the X brand – a skin with hundreds of them is generated; an enveloping, hairy, and polychromatic space that also solves the product exhibition. The chosen colors extend in stripes that have continuity on the floor, walls, and ceiling and help to generate a volumetric experience of the space. The idea comes from a system that seeks the generation of a spatial identity exportable to different places. The image is undoubtedly a fundamental factor, but in this project it is not the starting point; the ease of adaptation, reproduction, and assembly become the engine of the project, pushing them to the limit and achieving that this assembly is reduced to a simple dry assembly operation through tongue and groove and modular panels.

Architects: Studio Animal
Lead Architect: Javi Jiménez Iniesta
Photographs: José Hevia