store design

Big Bang Mega

To kick this project off, we conducted an extensive fieldwork through behavioural monitoring of customers at different times of the week to fully understand customer behaviour before applying the new retail concept. We decided to bring back the WOW! (UAU.) effect to the Big Bang Mega store in Ljubljana that offered little excitement to its …

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Linea duo PHARM

NegLAB è una realtà che progetta e realizza farmacie personalizzate dal grande gusto made in Italy. Siamo una realtà giovane e dinamica che mette al centro i valori distintivi della qualità italiana: creatività, artigianalità e design. NegLAB riscopre la valenza artigianale unita alla passione per il fare e il buon gusto, mettiamo a disposizione dei …

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Kasama Potters’ London Pop-Up Showcase

The Kasama Potters project brings together thirty-four Japanese ceramicists from Kasama. With their unique creative vision, Kasama’s ceramicists embrace an array of techniques and styles. This event marks the largest showcase of Kasama ware outside Japan to date. Discover the history of Kasama ware and the region’s ceramic techniques. Through the works of each Kasama …

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