HUŎ X Millennium

HUŎ, a thriving Asian restaurant nestled in Chelsea, sought our expertise for a space rejuvenation. Keeping their beloved color palette intact, the primary focus was rectifying wall damages and applying a fresh coat of paint across the venue.

Our paramount challenge lay in executing renovations within an operational restaurant. To minimize disturbance, our team meticulously orchestrated the project after hours. Nighttime became our canvas, scheduling painters and decorators to seamlessly revitalize the space without disrupting daily operations.

Employing ‘Stone I’ from Paint & Paper Library, we imbued the restaurant’s walls with a subtle, soothing hue. This neutral palette harmoniously accentuated the interior, particularly enhancing the charm of the timber ceiling strips. The end result? A welcoming, luminous ambiance enveloping the entire space.

Designed by Millennium
Photography by Joseph Ming