Yazawa Hanoi “The Power of Iron”

The site is a 100+-year-old French colonial villa that has undergone a series of renovations and additions that are characteristics of the city of Hanoi. The renovation focused on the power of steel.

The accent wall finishes are a red earth color of bengala, which is used to color the dining space and the open kitchen area. On the other hand, the vivid indigo color of Indigo, a natural paint, was used to contrast the water circulation and circulation areas, to dramatically change the scene many times during the sequence of experiences in the restaurant.
An original iron emblem was created using a casting technique that has been commonly used since the French Colonial period. This emblem is used for the interior and exterior wall screens, lighting, table tops, the restaurant’s logo, and wine showcases to express the restaurant’s identity in every scene.
By bringing in various iron landscapes connected to the local culture, we designed a dining space with depth to a restaurant that serves yakiniku (barbecued meat), a dish where one can enjoy ingredients that change on the iron.

Takashi Niwa Architects