Stan’s Grill Brand Identity

Stan’s Grill is all about encapsulating the essence of “vibrant, modern, yet authentic.” Our mission was to craft a branding strategy that would convey these values and propel their business. To capture Stan’s Grill’s unique story, we embarked on an in-depth exploration, delving into street food trends and understanding the core elements of their vision. The goal was to ensure that their logo design and branding collateral reflected their commitment to serving up an unmatched street food experience in a casual setting.

In alignment with the brief, our creative journey began with colours selection and then moved into their logotype. We designed it opting for bold letterforms to convey the strong flavors that comes with street food. To infuse a sense of liveliness, we paired this with a solid and playful serif font. Our choice of colours was inspired by the fire that gives this brand life, complemented by two illustrations, the Chevapi Man and The Flame, both give personality and tone. For brand consistency, we created Social Media templates that have a playful element paired with the main font. This comprehensive branding package also included a style guide, complete with mockups of packaging, t-shirts, merchandise, signage, and stickers, providing a cohesive and engaging brand identity for Stan’s Grill.

Mirko Bonmassar

Tye Meesen