The Goose Hut Bistro (Beijing Sanlitun Store)

Returning to the design of the Goose Hut Bistro in Sanlitun, the form still follows the element of the first store. It is not without updated thinking, but a tribute to the past decade, for the brand, and even more for our unchanging original intention. The presence of forest and houses still exists, but designers maintain sufficient restraint and strive to abandon concrete and symbolic forms as much as possible. The forest in the first store has been abstracted into several vertical branches, and the curved ceiling symbolizes the construction of the house. ‘Wild geese return home, wanderers return home’ has a more metaphorical expression here.

But all of this is a continuation of Goose Hut Bistro’s spirit, to have a good meal with the person she loves. Many times, design not only solves functional problems, but also focuses more on emotional expression. This starts from the first Goose Hut Bistro, which is the designer’s emotional shaping of the space, as well as the emotional communication with customers after the brand is condensed. The emotion may not be compatible with the original design intention, but it is not important. As long as you can resonate with the food, people, or space during the dining, even a little bit is enough for us.

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