M Stand Store by Dazhou And Associates


A Coffee shop should be a part of public life. In the original condition, the shop was separated from the adjacent plaza by an advertising wall. Intentionally, we wanted to created a secluded and open place, like a gazebo standing on the plaza, naturally attracting people into its shelter. So we removed the advertising wall and used the canopy to create an in-between space, making all the facades transparent.

We are always trying to catch a moment of tranquility through material and light in the dazzling commercial environment. The black metal grids present a solid feeling of touching while cut the light into pieces, creating a visual ambiguity. The luminous ceiling spreads the light evenly, blurring inside and outside, as if people are bathing in sunlight through woods and leaves.

Scenery in between
While the ‘beams’ divide the space, the ‘short walls’ make the space homogeneous and flowing. The exterior landscape is divided into fragments so each piece of space enjoys its unique view. The flowing plan attracts people to explore the mystery of the space, and the concealed scenery varies as they walk both inside and outside the store.

After the opening, we found that customers often take a tour in the space before choosing their favorite seats and enjoying a cup of coffee in the blurry light.

Architects: Dazhou And Associates
Lead Architect: Dazhou Tang
Photographs: Bian Lin


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