Omakase SUSHI Ko-Hey

This is a small sushi bar in a back alley in Hochiminh City.

There is an izakaya (Japanese pub) downstairs and customers need to go up the stairs of the izakaya to access the sushi bar. It is like a hidden restaurant.
In contrast to the bustling izakaya, the sushi bar has a darker atmosphere, creating a calm and secluded atmosphere. The interior is not overly finished. The idea was to make it look beautiful without too much effort by using familiar materials such as polished concrete tiles, ceiling louvers made of grating that is usually used for floors, a simple entrance door made of steel L-angles, handrails made of deformed steel bars, and a floor made by simply tearing existing tiles. Such materials do not require any extra cost.

DESIGNED by Kawaguchi Atsushi

Photo by Hiroyuki Oki

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