Cun FF | MINING Club

MINING is a bar hidden in the bustling business district. Fang Fei, the designer of CUN FF, was invited to undertake the space design. The primary consideration lies in how to create an attractive and recognizable project, and how to realize a free, fresh, and flowing space.

The foldable wall offers more possibilities in space. On the other side of the wall is the dance floor surrounded by the booth area, where a large open atmosphere is formed through the continuous and unified LED wall. In the middle of the space is the DJ booth, and the circular LED light strip highlights the visual focus of the space.
When the night is approaching, people unload the burden of work to start self-exploration and release suppressed emotions and energy.

Project Name: MINING Club

Location: B1-16, Tongde Plaza, Yuehui Fang, Kunming, China

Area: 580㎡

Chief Designer: Fang Fei

Design company: CUN FF

Participating Designer: Zhu Xingpeng,Mu Rongjie

Design time: February 2022

Completion time: July 2022

Branding: THINKlab

Installation: Yong Bin from KNIGHT ART LAB

Photography: Naxin from INSPACE

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