The dining experience in the pitch-black setting by Awhile

Ankayama is a Japanese omakase restaurant located in the Tseung Kwan O area of Hong Kong. The main philosophy of Ankayama is to help guests focus on the food in a world filled with distractions, providing them with a unique dining experience.

The restaurant’s design concept aims to draw guests’ attention to the food by creating a serene and dimly lit environment. It combines modern simplicity with the delicate aesthetics of wabi-sabi. Deep black tones blend with textured stone and wood craftsmanship, allowing guests to appreciate the roughness and irregular lines of the materials. Layered lighting details add depth, creating a subdued and personalized atmosphere.

Within the pitch-black setting, the restaurant harnesses the sensory experience of taste, allowing guests to savor the purity of the food. The current dishes may even shine brighter than the lighting itself, offering a truly remarkable dining experience.