Goodies Long Beach

Goodies, a cult-homegoods brand based in Los Angeles, has recently unveiled its latest store in Long Beach, California. Spanning an area of 800 square feet, the store boasts a chic design consistent with the brand’s signature style, characterized by a vibrant marigold color palette. As with all their other stores, Goodies enlisted architecture firm & long time collaborators, Sheft Farrace, to design the new space. This new location stands out as the most spacious among its sister stores, offering a blend of practicality and sophistication in its layout.

The store’s design features two prominent platform displays at its center, complemented by wall shelving that encourages seamless movement for customers as they explore the merchandise. This arrangement not only enhances the shopping experience but also sets the stage for captivating social media content that doubles as seamless advertising. By integrating its physical space with its online presence, Goodies reinforces its commitment to delivering a unified experience for shoppers across both realms. This approach aligns with modern retail strategies that prioritize the fusion of in-store and online engagement. Beyond being a mere point of sale, the store serves as a vital component of Goodies’ marketing and customer interaction efforts. Looking ahead, Goodies has ambitious plans to expand its footprint across Southern California with the launch of additional stores.

Designed by Sheft Farrace

Photos by Neufocus