Poetry Gin by Studio Boam

Creation of a complete graphic universe linked to the world of art, poetry and nature. Poetry Gin is the art of creating emotion, at the level of both taste and the affective. A botanical Gin mastered with precise and delicate aromas.

The art of creating emotion
The artistic composition of the label is inspired by various natural elements and incorporates each of the botanical ingredients & spices present in this gin. The whole forms an abstract painting which picks up the varied codes of Japanese art in an appeal to the senses. With lines similar to those of Vinci, Vitruvian Man, the label geometrically reinterprets the 3 organic forms of the graphic identity and by doing so, illustrates the associated values perfectly:

Left section: art & nature

Central section: spirit & texture

Right section: emotion & poetry

The subtle order of the elements
The branding concept is based around three unique icons and three forms in dialogue. These organic forms represent both the juniper and pepper berries (main ingredients of Poetry Gin) but also the three principal areas of expression of the label.

On the left section, you can find the ingredients that make up Poetry Gin (juniper berry, cardamoms, red pepper berries, etc.), while preserving an element of mystery about the fabulous work of the distiller. The right section is dedicated to the world of poetry and the emotion it arouses in each of us.

The different techniques used (red hot stamping, transparent varnish & embossing) highlight the precious details of the label. At first glance, the white of the label gives purity to the whole, but when the consumer looks a little deeper into the detail, they will discover each individual element present in the scene.

Thus, just like the three stages of tasting a wine or a spirit, the viewer’s vision responds similarly to this unveiling sensory logic of the flavors of Poetry Gin…

The subtle encounter between a Cartesian approach and something more dream-like enabled Studio Boam to conceive of the composition as a structured and balanced whole. Each element takes its place in the overall structure and responds with a precise artistic logic.

Designed by Studio Boam