Brutal Burrito by Burr Studio

Brutal Burrito is about the transformation of a commercial space into a restaurant.

Brutal Burrito takes the temporary, sporadic spaces that appear on any corner to offer you a product or a service as a referential approach: an informal market stand, vending spots or street food trolleys. The idea is to capture that feeling of spontaneity and reversibility in accordance with the gastronomic project itself, both for its condition close to street food and for its ambition to change and evolve.

The project treats the space as a body to be clothed, therefore establishing a distinction between naked and dressed parts. The pre-existing space remains undressed, assuming a raw aesthetic based on rough plastered surfaces and floors that reflec

Project Credits

Architecture: BURR

Construction and production: Dasepa, Viuda de Ramírez

Graphic and branding design: Tres Tipos Gráficos (3TG)

Photographer: Maru Serrano

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