The Mediterranean cuisine is mainly provided for customers with equal emphasis on seafood and barbecue, the diversified and compatible culture is provided, the demand for an immersive experience with “THE HUNTER” as the core is put forward, and it seeks to create a more and more fascinating dining experience.

Designer Linc Mok has tried to make every visitor enjoy his or her identity as “THE HUNTER” starting with the brand and create a story about seabed exploration during the whole dining process with “hunting taste” as the direction. Therefore, MAG has created an immersive restaurant with the theme of “Hunt deep, taste deep” by using Mediterranean culture and nautical elements as the design inspiration and blue color as the main style.

Interior Design:MAG studio

Main Designer:Linc Mok

Brand Design:Linc Mok & Sum

Illustration Design:Linc Mok & Sum

Lighting Design:MAG studio

Project Location:Hong Kong, China

Project Type:Restaurant

Project Area:300sqm

Completion Date:Aug 2021

Photographer:Steven Ko

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