Taiu Ice Cream Shop by Sivak+Partners Studio

The gelateria had been open in Odessa for a couple of weeks and it was closed and the windows were boarded up. We didn’t know for a long time if it would ever reopen. “ТАЮ” translates from Ukrainian as “I’m melting,” and the menu only includes ice cream and juices. We were looking for a simple solution, simple materials, and one clear idea that would create and unite the whole interior.

The name and the ice cream itself gave us the idea. The ice cream melts, the architecture of classicism melts and its massive decorative ceiling flows down into the smooth curves of the metal walls. Whereas classic architecture is subject to strict rules and rhythms, modern non-linear architecture and metamodernist design are devoid of strict rules and are more daring in their use of materials and solutions.

The gelateria is in an old, historic building, which had a strong influence on the design and technical decisions. It is impossible to design without paying attention to the context. We were given ready-made, decorated ceilings. We decided to keep them and they became part of the overall concept.

The windows in the building would not open, and the large, beautifully decorated ceiling would not allow itself to be spoiled by the sight of the ventilation ducts. It would have lost the elegance and sophistication of the design. So we placed the supply and exhaust vents behind the metal waves on the wall.

The interior solution of one solid metal wave had to solve not only the aesthetic side but also reduce the timing of the interior. A big find and part of the challenge for us was a very richly decorated traditional ceiling, which we had already received ready-made. Our studio is not characterized by projects with this style, we like to work with modern design. So it was necessary to make the ceiling not just stay, but become part of the concept. The ceiling is the link between the interior, the house, and its history.

One of the main colors of the concept is purple. It is this color that lights up the logo in the interior and the entire room, thanks to the multi-card reflection of purple, changes its appearance.

Architects: Sivak+Partners Studio
Lead Architect: Dmitry Sivak
Senior Architect: Ivanna Gaidarzhy
Junior Architects: Yuliia Storozheva
Drawings: Angelina Stelmakh
Lighting Design: Vasyl Grublyak
Photographs: Yevhen Kariev


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